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When it comes to my services, I prefer to let my testimonials do the talking for me. Below you will find reviews left by verified clients.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Gloria Lily  a couple of times, and each experience has been nothing short of wonderful. She is the perfect blend of elegance and naughtiness, passion and intelligence. From the moment we met, she made me feel comfortable and valued. What truly sets Gloria Lily apart is her genuine care and affection. She is incredibly attentive and always ensures that our time together is memorable. Her charm and wit make our conversations enjoyable, and her passionate nature adds an exciting spark to every encounter. I am certain that I will continue to see Gloria Lily in the future. She has a remarkable ability to make each meeting special and personalized. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience with someone who is caring, loving, and exceptionally skilled, Gloria Lily  is the perfect choice.

12th June Mr. E. ( 61)

I met Gloria Lily on my stop over in Dubai!! She has an incredible physique, she is way more hotter than women in their 20s. She is very confident which is sexy and turn on for me -;) but probably for any men!!  In one phrase her experience : “ Best memories in Downtown, Dubai and I love her voice as well "

Mr. H. ( 42) 1 May 2024

Gloria She’s a real head-turner and very seductive, she knows what she’s doing , which makes her an incredible companion worth all of your time!

11th April 2024 ( Mr. X 37)

Thank you , I had an amazing time!

 “ I love Gloria’s experience today”

 Waw and you are amazing in real life.

 Lol 😂 I went to see my friend after your session and he told me ( joking) your walking like you were in Heaven 😂 ( Mr. S. words )

 I would love to see you again! You are on my checklist when I come back to Dubai! ❤️

26 March 2024 Mr. S.

“Thank you for another beautiful evening Gloria Lily !

I feel refreshed and energized and I only can think of seeing you again very very soon!!!!

Your touches , the way you massage sensually each part of my body, I will keep with me in my memories until I see you again!!!

You are top top top so far in Dubai! Love you ❤️”

Anonymous ( 21 January 2024)

“I had an amazing time Gloria! It was truly exceptional as my first time with you!!!! Next time will be even more fun and intimate😁 Your sensual tantric massage is top 10/10!”

15 December 2023 Mr. G. (43)

 “Gloria? Thank you for your “FullNight “ time again last night !

I am in the plane ✈️ going back to USA!  But I love to share few of my thoughts about you!

Since I experienced my first session with you ( it was in the hotel Four Seasons Jumeirah, I remembered is like today) I never thought about finding someone else during the past 10 years and I will not You are un replaceable for me ❤️💗❤️

I want to keep this relationship and I want you to know you are a woman can t be found again!

And trust me, I travel the world!!! See you soon again!”

Mr. S. 41 ( 21 st November 2023)

“I searched a lot in google before I reached Dubai and I found Gloria Lily profile!

But frankly speaking I consider meeting Gloria an opportunity to experience something rare and special.

All started when she welcomed me to her beautiful comfortable house with a warm smile and start talking with me to build a great connection and breaking walls and she really did that well.

Gloria amazed me with her beauty, elegance and hygiene, and when she lead me to bed and start giving me massage and touching with softness and reached every pleasure point in my body to fully delivering a pleasure until feeling her silky, smooth and FIT body rubbing on me which is an amazing feeling.

Ending up with a passionate love. Gloria yo did treat me like a king and absolutely will come back again to see you it’s the sweet addictive. ♥️”

Mr. B. ( 35) 23 October 2023

“I have followed Gloria Lily on her socials for a while and only made up the courage to meet her last night, and I am happy that I did.

From the time we started speaking, I have felt genuine warmth and professionalism from her end. The booking process was smooth and easy.

Her residence oozes class and style and I was stunned from the first time I saw Gloria in person. She looks so much more better in person. Elegant, dazzling, classy…words fall short.

Very friendly, loves to have a chat, and I can tell for sure that she knows her job too well. She About her skills, all I will say is that I left a rejuvenated, relaxed and happy man.

Thank you for last night, Gloria. It was special indeed.”

Addicted (41)  15 October 2023

“I’ve known Gloria Lily for a long time. My first meeting with her she was very welcoming and charming and I felt very comfortable.

She is very easy on the eyes ;extremely sexy, elegant , and have a very deductive voice. She gives sensational massages to die for. I believe that is her signature.

I loved how detailed she was in asking for my desires and expectations for the meeting with her and how was that reflected perfectly in our time together.

She easily switches from a, charming girlfriend to a seductive lady that you feel safe with (my perfect lady). she has gorgeous and delicious feet that one would love to spend hours under.

Smooth body.. she knew exactly what she was doing. I had mind blowing sessions with her and i keep coming back.

I see her whenever i go to Dubai and when she is away Dubai is not the same without her!”

Mr. S. ( 41) 1 October 2023

“I feel I knew you long time ago and you are really lovely person Gloria Lily! That way you talk that you speak strong personality I can not describe it !!!! You are the best and very detailed in the session! Thank you to make my day memorable!”

Mr. O. ( 55 ) 19 September 2023

“Meeting Gloria Lily was pure pleasure. She is a beautiful woman with a very likeable personality and knows the art of erotic pleasure and relaxation. I took her ‘hands like silk’ package and enjoyed each second of it. She is very discrete and has a squeaky clean and easily accessible upscale apartment. Looking forward to seeing her again!”

Mr. Z. ( 50 ) 25 July 2023

“She made me travel every month to meet her ! I can t count the minutes while with her I lost the time like I am in heaven she is so naughty in bed treating me like her really lover! She is so elegant and clean and her smells amazing full of joy!”

I Love You Gloria Lily

Mr. H. ( 29 March 2023 )

“Thats my experience with Gloria Lily I didn’t believe what happened i think i was dreaming she is so classy and elegant and treats me real good so sensual so sexy and know how to treat man well her prefume still on my clothes  i can smell her every seconds and she know how to turn all your limits definitely she is the best so far!!!”

Mr. B. (5 December 2022)

“Gloria Lily is a kind of person that you meet once in a life time … words can’t describe her and give how much she is stunning and beautiful from outside and inside 😍 in everything she is classy lady. She has charming smile 😊 and amazing body with wonderful welcoming that made me like I know her already before since long time. Her session is absolutely something from dreams she understands my needs and her touches and actions


“Definitely! We have lot of things in common!

I am happy to see that you consider me as special and to be honest, I meet many girls in this line of business but with you Gloria it’s very very different!

You have something that any other girls don’t have : you are passionate and intelligent ( and of course you are so good in sex)!

Hi Sweetie!

Same here , I was sleeping thinking about you and your tantric massage!! I slept so well!

Thanks a lot , have a lovely day!!

I will stay hot and horny till next week when we are going to meet again!!

Miss Gloria Lili put in your schedule our second meeting on 9th of August Tuesday at 19.00 for 2 hours Hands and Silk with doggy style position ADD-ON and French Kissing.

Can’t agree more!! We build good foundation yesterday for our first meeting and our relationship and we will continue to build more deeper connection!

I know you have more than one string to your bow!!

Can t wait until Tuesday to see you again!!!

Thank you again Miss Gloria Lili for the incredible feelings you gave me yesterday!!

I love it”

Mr. Anonymous ( 4 August 2022)

“This is my 4th time trying to get a review published for this beautiful woman. I had the best time with her on 18 July, like others have said, her only goal is your pleasure and satisfaction.

She welcomed me with a big tight hug followed by a deep passionate kiss. After that it was clothes 100% off followed by some shower action leading to an amazing time on bed. The tantric experience was out of this world. A 100/100 for everything she does.”

rapmonster2604 – 26 Jul 2022

The tantric experience was out of this world. A xxxxxxx for everything she does.“She is very hot and Her only motive is to send you home satisfied, she enjoys pampering you, very intimate and very warm. I tried the tantric massage for the first time and it's something so relaxing and pleasurable. I will definitely return  as she truly is an Elite escort in Dubai”

Anonymous (4th July 2022)

“Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Gloria Lily.

I normally do not have an easy time meeting anyone new, but she immediately put me at ease and made me feel welcome.

What followed can not be described as a service, but an experience, one that you have to undertake yourself to understand what I mean. Extremely relaxing massage (I even fell asleep for a while) and anything that you could think of to make a visit memorable and definitely worth repeating.

Thank you for an amazing time and hope to see you again soon.”

Mr. M( 43)

“I met with Gloria Lily  the other day and wow, what an incredible woman she is. She has the cutest smile, an amazing personality and her service is out of this world. I enjoyed every minute with her. Cant wait for our next meeting. If you search for an incredible, super Hot, smart and passionate “Class , Elegant Lady ” experience, she is the ONE. Her massages make you forget the surrounding and her passion makes you cum. 10 out of 5 stars - definitely worth every penny.”

Mr. J. (29)

“I was excited and nervous to see Gloria Lily . As soon as I arrived she immediately put me at ease .. great conversation - it didn’t seem like it was our first time meeting! After some short chit-chat we shifted to the bedroom and then the magic truly began .. first a great massage and then some fun! She was an absolute doll and I can’t wait to see her again and again and again! Thanks Gloria Lily.”

Mr.J. (44)

“Although 2020 has been a challenge year, one nice thing i will remember and this will be the time i spent with Gloria Lily. Such a beautiful and glamorous woman.

Perfectly dressed, nice perfume and stunning figure. A woman that take care of all the details and makes you feel comfortable. Hopefully we will meet soon for something we have pending. A person you cant miss in Dubai. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️”

Eli (45)

I met Gloria Lily last month and the experience was absolutely great. She exceed all my expectations. A smart and hot woman that understands your desires and take you to heaven with her touch. It was an anticipated birthday gift and she made it memorable. Absolutely a must to visit this woman. Hope to meet her soon as we have some experiences to explore together.

Mr A (51)

You are really great honestly. Lovely and respectful and I feel like a companion. That’s why i will keep coming back and not even think twice.

Anonymous (35)  

“What a wonderful fun night.

I was lucky to celebrate full night NYE with a wonderful companion, Thank you Gloria Lily it was quite an experience, beyond my expectation. XO”

Alex ( 29 )

“I met Gloria Lily for the first time last year and seen her a number of times since then.

Meeting her for the first time was one of my best decisions last year. Gloria Lily is a lovely lady, easy to chat with and has a wonderful knack that immediately puts you at ease.

She takes great care of herself as you can see from her photos – and trust me she is even better in person.

All I’ll say is she is a fantastic masseuse and companion,takes very good care of me every time we meet. I’m always looking forward to seeing her again!”

Anonymous (54)

“Despite her beauty, Gloria Lily is the greatest masseuse i have ever visited ,she provides incredible massage experience, she take all the stress out of you before doing any thing then she give you what ever desire you want ,the experience was info memorable ”

Mr. E(38)

服务极其舒适,人很漂亮 身材劲爆, 尤其按摩手法一流,我很喜欢

Mr. Anonymous

“It was the best session i had in my life. The massage made me relaxed and the experience was fabulous

Thanks a lot for ur session, Gloria Lily.”

Mr. P.( 27)

Gloria Lily